House Renovation

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I have these tasks to be carried out.

1. Bedroom flooring to be changed to Laminate. Size 13 sq mts
2. Entire House Painting (White color) - 100 sq mts. Note: One bedroom has wall paper (from 90s) that would require to be removed and painted.
3. Kitchen Counter top to be replaced. Dimensions: 64 cm width and 190 cm length; other side: 64 cm width and 155 cm length
4. 5 doors to be replaced
5. 5 large windows new blinds to be installed
6. One portion of wall to be highlighted with brick design pattern: Height 235 cms and width 127 cms
7. Kitchen new tiles to be pasted over existing ones.
8. Kitchen opening towards the living room be closed with a glass sliding door (it will require a soft wall to be built)
9. One bedroom ceiling to be painted rustic color. Size 12 sq mts
10. Two bedrooms, one side wall to be painted in different color: Grey

Note: Materials mostly need to be purchased from K-Rauta. Material selection is done. It is expected in your offer that pickup from K-Rauta is done by you. Also, the waste generated due to renovation need to be cleared from the house. This must be factored into the offer.

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3 000,00 €
3 500,00 € (jokahommanmies)
18.3.2019 9.53.13
24.1.2021 19.50.26
02130 Espoo
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4.3.2019 9.45.35


Arvio työn tilaajasta: smartashish (30.3.2020)


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Valittu Työntekijä
Estimate 3500 €, to be checked on spot.
Regards, Esa
3 500,00 € (4.3.2019)Osk
Luotettava Kumppani
Yritys kuuluu Luotettava Kumppani -ohjelmaan.
Katso tiedot Tilaajavastuu.fi palvelusta.
Hour rate, or fixed price after seeing a place. You could send some photos about works.
29,00 € (10.3.2019)Virolainen yritys
Hi.I need to se the place.
35,00 € (5.3.2019)Oy
Hi call me 0465825201 i coming chek place
3 000,00 € (5.3.2019)Tmi
5000+ALV is estimate price. We would like to come and check the place. Also the house needs to be empty from furniture and everything.
5 000,00 € (5.3.2019)
Offer from your given information, materials from you, we can arrange pick up from k rauta.We can start with quick notice.
We have alot referenses,please send pictures of the house to our E Mail mustaassaoy@gmail.com. Best regards Toni / musta ässä Oy 0465449806
7 000,00 € (4.3.2019)