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Arvioija: Cecil
He botched the job badly. You know this exciting feeling when you buy a new place and have the time to fix it up before moving in. I did. Then I realised that it is too much to handle job, life and renovations and that I just couldnt get the wallpaper off one wall. So I asked for help. I removed the paining of all the other walls from the job and did them myself, but the two problem walls where left to fix for Kotikeisari. I thought it was a company from the webiste but it is just one guy. He showed up Tuesday (16.10.) and told me he wouldnt leave until the job was done. Then he recommended to replace the drywalls as a quick way to get rid of the wallpaper in the bedroom. I agreed. He also was sure he could make the living room wall look nice enough that I could get some paint instead of wallpaper. He just needed plaster that I had already bought. Then it took him forever and also the plaster would need to dry. He would be back on Friday for a second layer and to finish the job on Sunday (21.10.). I cant say if he was there on Friday but on Sunday he was. But actually he had a family emergency so he couldnt stay long but long enough to put the under-wallpaper on the bedroom wall and smoothen and paint the living room wall. He would be back on Monday evening and Tuesday (23.10.). I left before him, came back on Monday. The paint looked ok, still lots of white shining through the blue but it had only been the first layer. But the underwallpaper was still missing. On Tuesday I got a message that he couldnt finish because the underwallpaper would need to dry 24 hours. When he later told me he could only be back Tuesday one week later (30.10.) I was a bit shocked. I was about to move in on the 24. and neither wall was ready. He claimed he would have finished easily by Sunday if it werent for the underwallpaper. Fact is he hadnt even put it on on Sunday because otherwise he could have finished Tuesday. Also the living room was basically just missing the baseboard and corner protection. I would be able to finish it myself I thought. But he had taken my glue home with him. So I was living in a renovation zone for a week. Tuesday 30th he was back for the wallpaper and final stuff to do. The instructions on the wallpaper were to put the glue on it and soak it a bit for easy application but I didnt pay attention to him because I had work to do too. He finally was done and explained to me that everything was fine. All those bubbles would disappear. It was just that when he put glue on the underwallpaper it soaked it up so he needed lots to make the wallpaper stick. It was the first time I realized that he put the glue on the wall and not the wallpaper. I touched the wallpaper. It did not feel wet at all but I was giving him the benefit of a doubt and waited 24 hours. Looking at the wall today I actually wanted to cry. I have never put up a wallpaper but I am sure I could have done it better. Ive prepared a little gallery on imgur to checkout out the results of this work: https://imgur.com/a/Djf80lm The wallpaper is in many places overlapping and in some have a 3mm gap between them, there are air bubbles everywhere and in a few places it is not sticking to the wall. The two corners and the top are cut so badly that in one area there is a stripe of wallpaper hanging of (he recommended for the left side to hide it behind a piece of wood but didnt offer any advice on how to fix the other side. I showed the job to my dad and he said it cant be fixed. The whole wallpaper would need to be taken off and redone. Not that I would trust Kotikeisari with that. The living room wall is also not smooth at all. In many places you can see the movements of how the plaster was applied. You usually just need to be good in either the plastering or the sanding afterwards, but he was bad with both of them. Basically I have paid this guy material and then even more material to make his job easier and I also paid him but it was all wasted. I now need somebody else to fix this mess. Do not hire him if you want to stay sane and have a nice house.

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